We adore soup, especially on chilly winter days. This recipe makes a lot of soup perfect for lunch and dinner leftovers during the week. 
Yield 10 - 12 servings
2 yellow onions, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
3 celery stalks, chopped
¼ cup olive oil
1 bunch of red chard, finely chopped, including stems
1 handful of Italian parsley, chopped
1½ tsp dried thyme or 1 Tbsp fresh thyme, chopped
2 - 15oz. cans of Great Northern white beans, rinsed
1 cup white wine
8 cups chicken or vegetable stock 
28 oz. can of whole tomatoes, chopped
3 Tbsp tomato paste
1 cup of roasted tomatoes or 1 cup of fresh chopped tomatoes
3 potatoes peeled and cubed
1 heel of parmesan, plus grated parmesan for garnish
In a large stockpot over medium heat, sauté the onions, carrots, and celery in olive oil for 10 minutes or until the vegetables are soft. Add the chard, parsley, thyme, beans, and stir. Pour in the wine and stock, add all the tomatoes and tomato paste, and stir. Bring the soup to a boil, add the parmesan heel, cover, and reduce heat low. Simmer the soup for 30 minutes.
Next, add the potatoes and continue simmering for 15 more minutes. Once the potatoes are cooked through, remove the pot from the heat and season with salt and pepper to taste. 
Ladle the soup into bowls and garnish with grated parmesan cheese.
Just Salt It, and enjoy!