What inside your home makes you happy? Besides the people in it, what makes you smile? 

For me, it is having a clean house. Whether I do it myself or have someone do it for me, seeing and smelling a clean house makes me feel good. I have a challenging time being in a space that is dirty, messy, or chaotic. Cleanliness is calming to me, and that is how I always want my home to feel.

I enjoy the smell of candles and our wood burning fireplace. I appreciate the light and the warmth from both of these. I also have certain pieces of art and little gifts that have been given to me that make me happy when I see them. I try to add a few special things to each room of our house so that I feel good in every room I go in. 

Fresh flowers are also very important to me. I enjoy creating flower arrangements, and they bring beauty, color, and happiness into our home. When I cannot get to the floral wholesale store, I will go out into our yard and clip flowers or branches and put them in the house. I bring a little of the outside in, and that is always nice. 

Music is always a great thing to have playing in the house. No matter what mood everyone is in, it seems to make things feel better. Sometimes I play pop or country music because these get me pumped up and happy and we like to dance around. Other times I am working, so I choose quiet instrumental music. We also put on a little John Mayer radio to relax after a long day with a glass of wine. Music is being played a lot at our house, and our moods determine the genre. 

It is all the little things that make a difference to my husband and me. Find out what makes you feel good. When you come home at the end of your day, what would relax you? Music, candles, fresh flowers, or something else? I challenge you this week to look around your home and find some things that you appreciate and make you feel good. Make sure they are front and center for you to enjoy. And if it is as simple as a candle, then light the damn candle that has been sitting there forever unlit. Enjoy the little things. You deserve it!