If you have read any of my other blogs on fitness, you would know that I was planning to run a half marathon in Malibu, CA, to start the celebration of the month that I turn 50. I have just completed that this past weekend. You would also know from the blogs that I have run many races over the years, including full marathons and ultra-marathons up to 31 miles. With that being said, the Malibu race was my worst timed race results ever, lol. 😂
I had a great experience running with my son and his boyfriend. (These two kicked my butt!) My sister, my niece, and my husband were there as the support team. However, I was not feeling it that day. To begin with, I had not slept well during the prior two weeks, and the onset of a cold hit me two days before the race, not to mention throughout the entire time I was training it. I just wasn’t getting into it like I usually do. With all of those variables being part of the equation, I was not surprised that I ran my worst race ever. 
In the first half of the race, I was feeling great; in the second half, I actually did not want to run anymore. Of course, I continued running, and of course, I crossed the finish line. But honestly, my head and body were not in the game. 
The course was beautiful but more difficult than I had thought it would be. I knew going into it that there would be some hills. These hills felt as though they were never-ending throughout the race, and the downhill was so slight that it never really gave me that feeling of downhill relaxation and speed increase. I called my husband around mile 10 while I was running and told him, "I’m augering in. I don’t want to do this anymore. The hills are difficult.”  As I was laughing, he gave me a pep talk, and I got it done. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it. 
Am I glad I did it? Yes, absolutely. How could I not? I had family by my side, and we were in warm, sunny, southern California getting some exercise, enjoying each other's company, and eating great food. 
Next on the fitness agenda is the annual Wobble Till You Gobble fun run in Reno on Thanksgiving morning. Always a great way to start the morning with a relaxing 10K run before we dive deep in our Thanksgiving meal and some fantastic wines later in the evening.