Working from home can be highly productive, or it can compromise your productivity. Self-motivation and organization are the two vital components to accomplish your tasks each day. 
If you are not highly skilled at self-motivation, don't you worry. A few minor tweaks, and you will have it down in no time. Staying organized goes hand in hand with self-motivation. 
Here are five critical tips for you to be productive when working at home:
1. Write a detailed work schedule on your calendar for each week. It should include the items you are working on and the time you are dedicating to each item every day.
2. Include on your calendar other activities and time dedicated to those. Examples like working out, household chores and errands, phone calls, and your kid's scheduled items can all be written in your calendar. Leave a little room for unexpected things you need to plug in each week. 
3. Block a few minutes for lunch each day and a 10-minute stretch or meditation. This will help you immensely to stay focused.
4. Set an end of work day time each day. It is so easy to get caught up in working at home that you never really wholly stop. 
5. Stick to it. You have to stick to your scheduled items just as if you were at a job outside your home. 
I used to work in a corporate business position. I had numerous meetings every day and a lot of deadlines on projects I needed to complete. I couldn't just decide not to show up for a meeting or not to complete a project, so why would I do that to myself when working at home? Just Salt It is my own business, and I need to treat it that way. So, my schedule is essential, and I don't veer off of it. Which means sometimes I have to say no to individual invitations or requests. Just like my corporate job, I stay true to my commitments and complete my tasks. 
When you make your work at home your priority, you will find that those around you will do the same. It is when you stop making it a priority and choose not to follow your schedule that others don't respect your time. Why would they if you are not respecting your own time? 
Be sure to choose one type of calendar to do all your scheduling. I would recommend your phone because you have it with you all the time. However, I use two: my phone, and a written planner. I put almost everything on my phone and use my planner to schedule out my work projects in detail. I also use the planner for notes. That way, they are all in the same place instead of random pieces of paper with notes on them that I would have scattered on my desk and in my purse. Again, one calendar is best for most, but if you feel like you need a second like me, be sure to be clear about what goes into that second one, so you are not constantly switching back and forth to find items. 
Lastly, keep your space clean. I find it very difficult to be creative or be inspired if my desk is stacked with items, or the kitchen has dishes in the sink, or the house is not picked up. Yes, I know I am very sensitive about my house always looking clean, and I know not everyone is as crazy as me, but having a clean environment is very soothing. Before you go to sleep at night recommend you take a few minutes to straighten up around you so that when you sit down to work in the morning, you feel relaxed, calm, and ready to dive into your daily tasks.