Let’s put the SMART goals I talked about at the beginning of the year aside now and think bigger. Think out of the box, whatever it takes, just dream big. 
What are you going to challenge yourself to do this year? Are you already working on something or various things? Or are you still trying to decide? Well, I say if you have not already chosen something, stop procrastinating and do it. Decide and share it with others no matter how crazy or out of the box it is. Saying it out loud to someone helps keep you accountable.
A few years ago, I wanted to run a trail ultramarathon. So I picked one and signed up for it. By signing up and spending the money to run the race, it kept me accountable for my training schedule. It took a lot of hours to train for this race, including running through wind and snow. Was it hard? Oh hell ya, it was hard. But I set my mind to it and got it done. Oddly enough, when I finished the race, I could not believe I actually ran all that way, so I signed up again for the same race the following year. After the second time racing, I felt proud that I did it, and confident I did not want to do it ever again. Lol
One of my big challenges this year is to grow my business by increasing my exposure. That means getting out and building more relationships, recording videos and podcasts more often, and speaking on stage to larger audiences than ever before. These items can feel uncomfortable, but I know the only way to grow is to get myself out there for others to see. 
I am vulnerable, I am authentic, and I am stretching myself to do things I would not normally do. This is what I recommend you do as well. Choose to shoot higher than you have before and to go after those dreams. Will it be hard? More than likely, yes. Will it be worth it? Without a doubt, YES!
You produce the power.  You produce the will. You produce the desire. You produce the movement to go forward and farther beyond anywhere you have ever been.