We are all staying home a lot more than usual due to COVID-19, and there are moments we want to pull our hair out! Sometimes I want to scream in frustration, and other times I am so grateful to be home and healthy.
After my full breakdown of frustration this morning, I thought I would change gears (and my mood) and share some of the podcasts, at-home workouts, and other things I enjoy while spending time at home. Being that I have been working from home for over two years now, I have embraced learning new things, exercising in new ways, and staying on a strict schedule when no one is keeping me accountable besides ME. If you are not naturally a self-motivator, this is the time to become one. 
First and foremost, it is highly essential to stay on a schedule. That means using your daily calendar to map everything out, including the time you are going to wake up. 
Ever since I left my corporate job, I still get up at the same time Monday - Friday as I did when I was working outside the house. 
Start with setting a daily wake up time and bedtime, then block out specific times for things to accomplish throughout your day. Items like:
Kids school work, and other items to keep them busy
Read, listen to a podcast or music
Chores around the inside and outside of the house
Cooking meals
Shopping for food and other household items (ideally online during this time)
TV, social media, or phone calls
Once you have put together your schedule for the week, go forward and execute!
While at home, be sure to take the time to make your home your happy place. A clean and organized space is much more pleasant to be in than a messy one. Clean out closets, drawers, cupboards, and all other areas of your home that need reorganization. Donate the things you don’t use or sell them online. 
This is also a great time to learn something new. Whether you want to learn Spanish, how to cook, hip hop dancing, photography, or just about anything else, someone is teaching it on the internet. Start researching something exciting and learn all about it. 
Here are some things I love to do and listen to at home:
Earn Your Happy, Lori Harder
The Jim Fortin Podcast
Reignite Wellness with JJ Virgin
The Chalene Show
The Model Health Show
Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik
The Marie Forleo Podcast
Leveling Up with Natalie Jill Fit
The Angie Lee Show
And of course my all-time favorite podcast, Just Salt It
Free Home Workouts
Fitness Blender (I have been using this one 3 x a week for the past two years)
Boho Beautiful 
Global Cycling Network 
Magazines and Educational Books I Read Recently
Fine Cooking Magazine
Bon Appétit Magazine
Sunset Magazine
Edible Reno Tahoe Magazine
Becoming Supernatural, Joe Dispenza
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy
Everything is Firgureoutable, Marie Forleo
Contagious, Jonah Berger
The Longevity Paradox, Steven R. Gundry, MD
Never Split the Difference, Chris Voss
I recently started following Chefs Manifesto on Instagram, and it has a lot of fun live cooking videos. #togetherathome. So much entertainment and fun!
Lastly, every morning, spend a few minutes thinking about all the things you are grateful for. Stay positive and know that things will get better. If you choose to, you can come out of this wiser, more loving, and stronger than you were before.❤️