I keep preaching to everyone to continue learning throughout their life and how important that is for your brain health. This includes learning something new during this global pandemic if you are able. Here is my latest endeavor toward being more sustainable at home. First, it was fresh garden vegetables, and now it's fresh eggs. 
I introduce to you the newest additions to the Just Salt It Homestead. I have taken it upon myself to start raising five chicks that arrived just a few days ago.  
We preordered a small chicken coop and pen and spent one Saturday afternoon putting those together. We then decided they would need more space after they get bigger. So my lovely husband and a friend spent another Saturday building a large enclosed pen for them as well. We have a lot of coyotes, hawks, owls, and raccoons in the area, so the enclosure needed to be completely closed in with wire fencing, even on the roof. 
Currently, my little girls are 2½ weeks old and living in the small pen and coop with a warming light set up inside to keep them toasty during the cold weather. Once they get a little older and the temperature rises, we can remove the light and let them out into the big pen. 
It will take a few months before we see eggs, but in the meantime, it is fun seeing their different personalities, watching them play with one another, and exploring. I have been spending some of my time researching about raising chickens since I have no idea what I am doing! Properly raising chickens has a lot more details to it than I ever expected. Who would have thought I would be raising chickens?
The chicks are going to be a fun little adventure, and I look forward to sharing more pictures and stories with you over the next few months.