As a society, a lot of us always felt like we needed to go go go. I used to pride myself on being an excellent multitasker. I was getting a million things done in one day, never sitting and relaxing, and got frustrated with others if they spoke slowly or sauntered around. It was like I was moving so fast that if someone or something tried to slow me down, I would get completely irritated. And guess what? I also had a challenging time getting a good night's rest. Surprise, I went so fast during the day it was almost impossible for me to shut down for more than a few hours. 
We are all learning to slow down during this critical time. Some of us, like myself, have a lot more learning to do on this topic. Although I have gotten better over the last couple of years while working from home, the current situation is a whole different game. Right now, a lot of people's stress levels are high, and they are trying to multitask like never before and to make sure everyone around them is healthy and safe. 
During this turbulent time, it is more important than ever to take care of yourself. Like many of us, you may be taking care of others, which often leads to no time for yourself. Making sure you are being kind to yourself can make a tremendous difference in your mindset and give you more energy to help others. 
I know I have been a big proponent over the past few weeks about taking this time to learn something new, work-out harder, do some projects you have been putting off, etc. And yes, these are all excellent ideas for some people. Please understand, I know for others these things just are not going to happen. Everyone has a different mechanism to cope with situations. So maybe, for some, they can be proud of themselves for staying strong, or for getting dinner on the table, for teaching their child something new, for cleaning the kitchen, for sitting down and reading quietly, or for just getting through the day calmly. Whatever it is that you are doing, it might be all that you can do this week. You know what? That is absolutely ok. Be kind to yourself, give yourself a hug, and know you are enough. 
Let’s all remember not to judge others or ourselves. No one needs that. Sadly there is so much of it going around us today, especially on social media. Try to remember looking at someone from the outside and judging them is not the right thing to do. We have no idea what is going in their lives. Love yourself and share that love with others.