It is always so exciting and a mood enhancer when spring finally arrives at my home. I feel like a new person when the days are warm and sunny, and the sun does not set until after 8 pm.  
Being that we live in Northern Nevada, it is a bit of a hit-or-miss to when it truly feels like spring. This year we had a late winter, which included more rain and snow in March than in December and January combined, as well as continued low temperatures below freezing. It started to feel like my late winter blahs would never end. 
Spring, to me, feels like I have more energy, more joy, and can see the beauty in all the little things. Flowers are blooming, and the sweet fragrances waft through the air. The grass is turning green, and the birds are singing loudly while patiently waiting for their babies to hatch. The vegetable garden is starting to come to life, and through the crystal clear skies, I can still see the snow-capped mountains in the distance. I am in pure awe as I stop and take a deep breath. 
Down the road, I see the goslings following their mothers through the grass. And at our home, I watch our chicks growing like weeds and developing their little personalities. The horses nap in the sun while lying in the sandy dirt in the side pasture. It is all these moments that make me realize how special spring is to me. 
I contemplate while relaxing in the sun, how can I capture this feeling inside of me and keep it fed throughout the year? Perhaps the changing of the seasons means the changing of me? Maybe I need to go through this cycle just like the seasons in order to appreciate all the different phases of beauty that our home and lives have to offer? 
Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all see the beauty around us every day and understand that change is a gift of life? What if hardship and uncertainty were two things we found to be a blessing to experience? How different the world would be today if that were the case. 
As spring continues, I am going to capitalize on this extreme gratitude I am experiencing. I’m going to work on not sweating the small stuff and being fully present in the moment. My days of trying to control things that I cannot are coming to an end. Spring means not only a season, but also rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. These words are what I choose to define me during this time of isolating at home. 
How about you? What words define who you are? 
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