How are you feeling today? Sometimes do you feel sad, worried, angry, or all of these feelings all wrapped into one? I know I do some days. Especially right now during these turbulent times. 
I try to remind myself how lucky I am to be healthy, in a loving marriage, have five fabulous kids between the two of us, and working in jobs that we enjoy. During this time of the coronavirus, I work hard to keep a positive mindset every day, even when things feel less than pleasant. 
Sometimes, we just have to give ourselves the time to be angry, even when we cannot change the things around us. Other times we feel like we need to cry and let all our emotions out. I usually get them out when I exercise or do breathwork, but every once in awhile, I need to cry it out. 
“When we react negatively to our own negative emotions, treating them as enemies to be overcome, eliminated, and defeated, we get into trouble. Our reactions to unhappiness can transform what might just be a brief, passing sadness into a persistent dissatisfaction and overall unhappiness.”  Jennifer Chrisman
Often some of the things we are mad or sad about are very small compared to what others are going through. However, it is still important to acknowledge your feelings, no matter how trivial they may seem to others. 
So, what can we do when we are feeling this way? Here are five helpful tactics to improve your frame of mind.
1. Work on your breathing. There are applications out there that you can use for free to assist in breathwork, meditation, yoga, and tapping. My favorite technique most recently is the Wim Hof Method. I highly suggest you check it out and he has a really cool story. WimHof 
2. Talk to a friend or family member. You can talk about how you are feeling, or sometimes it feels better to talk about positive, funny, or interesting things
3. Do something outdoors that you enjoy. Ride a bike, run, walk, garden, or whatever makes you feel good. Sometimes I sit quietly outdoors and watch and listen to the birds. I find it quite calming. If I were near the ocean, I would choose to go there to watch and listen to the waves crashing. Ultimate peace!
4. Watch or listen to something funny. Laughter is the best medicine when you are angry or sad.
5. Create something. Make a new recipe, learn to play a new piece of music, paint a picture or paint a room, make a bracelet out of beads, sew pillows for your house, or build something out of wood, just get creative with whatever sounds fun to you. 
It is essential to get out of your box and do something different, even if you are still partially or fully quarantining at home. You have to break up the monotony, and doing something a little different helps tremendously.