I spend my days at home alone, exercising, working, cooking, and taking care of our house. A lifestyle some would treasure, and others would think it was boring and lonely. For me, it is a picture of perfection. As an entrepreneur who relies on writing blogs and recipes, our home's solitude is a blessing. I consider myself somewhat of an introvert, so this quiet time talking with myself and continually thinking about and feeling what I am doing each day feels natural. 
There are moments when I want to socialize with friends and acquaintances, but it is not an everyday need of mine. I cherish silence and peace, probably more than the average person. I do not have many friends. I am not the kind of person who needs to talk on the phone or text regulatory. Going to coffee or lunch with a friend is not my jam. And being forced to mingle with people can make me feel uncomfortable, but I do it. Because of this, my friendships are minimal. I am often judged because I am confident, secure, and noticeably feel comfortable in my own skin on the inside and the out. I make some people feel uncomfortable, so they tell themselves stories of who I must be, yet they don't know me at all. They move on without any interest in who I truly am. I can live with this. I lived with it my entire life. Once in a while, it makes me sad, but I always remember I love and respect myself, and that is something none of those people possess within themselves.
I adore my husband. I look forward to him coming home from work every single day. The moment he walks in the door, my heart opens and falls deeper in love. Even if I am tired or grumpy, his presence fuels my heart, mind, and body like no other human being. As I write this, we have only known each other for five-plus years, but I genuinely believe we were always meant to be together. It took both of us going through many hardships to find one another, and  I know, without a doubt, these hardships are what brought us together. Together forever, which I know to be many many years from now. 
This is me. I live, I do, I strive, I love, all because I enjoy it. I never want life passing me by. I want to ride the waves of life, feeling every crash and splash of water on my whole being. Life has been completely shitty and awful at times, I have felt extreme sadness and anger, but I resurrected myself and chose to build a new me. My new me created a new life, which led me to meet my true partner in life. 
Judgment comes when people see other people happy. Happiness frightens others and makes them uncomfortable. People would rather see other people struggle, sad, or in some way less than them. This makes them feel better about themselves and gives them the idea to "help you." Well, you know what? I say fuck what those people think! And you can do the same. Then take a deep breath and send them nothing but love. Always sending out love.

Embrace your solitude, your happiness, your strength, your intelligence, your confidence, and that deep mad love you feel for someone in your life. These are gifts, appreciate them, and always be true to YOU.