The hot month of August in northern Nevada is the best time to reap your vegetable crop rewards. After months of watering, fertilizing, and agonizing over our plants, we are harvesting food like crazy. It is so rewarding to grow your own food. It is food for our body, mind, and soul. 
The vegetables and fruits always taste better, smell better, and look better. I refuse to eat store-bought tomatoes. However, the ones picked right our of our garden can make your mouth water. Just taking the time to feel them and smell them can make you start to salivate. As an avid cook, this is the time to savor every flavor and create new recipes. 
Coming in hot at the moment are the lettuces, chard, kale, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and peppers of all varieties. The wild mint growing in our horse pasture is a sight to see. The beauty of their tiny flowers and fragrant leaves blowing in the breeze makes me so pleased. We recently finished up our crops of carrots, beets, and the first crop of a variety of lettuces. 
I have made and frozen numerous servings of pesto and soon to begin freezing and canning tomatoes for the winter months. This work feels natural and unleashes a yearning for tradition and homesteading that is often lost in today’s culture. As a woman who loves to travel, dress up, slip on a pair of high heels, and eat at restaurants all over the world, there is something deep in me that embraces the solitude of my kitchen. The donning of my apron over my black tank top and beat-up jeans, my bare feet on the hardwood floor, and my hair pulled into a messy bun, just might be perfection in my mind. 
I hope your garden is going well this year. If you do not have a garden, I hope you enjoy hearing and learning about mine. But if it interests you, I recommend trying it out for yourself. Start with a small space in your yard or with a couple of pots. I guarantee you will appreciate the fruits of your labor. 
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