I adore writing and sharing my thoughts and opinions with those who are interested. However, I have to admit my vocabulary is not that broad. I was recently thinking about how some people express such beautiful words; words I am not always familiar with, but wish I was. 
Have you ever had someone throw a random word out mid-sentence, you ask what the word means, then think to yourself: "I have got to remember that word?" If you say no, that has never happened, well then just skip this section of the blog. If your answer is yes, that you relate to my nerdiness and my constant needing to learn, then my next question is: did you actually remember the new word you wanted to use? I never do. It is so frustrating!! I forget every time no matter how many times I try to repeat the word to myself. 
I have recently found a way to improve my vocabulary and learn new words every day, thanks to the Merriam Dictionary. They send me a new word to learn and add to my vocabulary every day. Pretty fricking exciting I would say! This is the ne plus ultra of all emails in my inbox each day! Did you catch my new word? Do you know what it means? 
Let me tell you the definition of ne plus ultra (nay-plus-UL-truh)
"1: the highest point capable of being attained: acme
2: the most profound degree of a quality or state
It is the height, the zenith, the ultimate, the crown, the pinnacle. It is the peak, the summit, the crest, the high-water mark. All these expressions, of course, mean "the highest point attainable." But ne plus ultra may top them all when it comes to expressing in a sophisticated way that something is the pink of perfection." - Merriam Dictionary 
Pretty cool right? Ok, this may be the goofiest blog I have written yet. For some this may turn you off, for others, I may have ignited a fire under you to learn more. I, however, am loving it and going to continue learning and using more sophisticated words. Not necessarily to impress my readers, but more to impress myself. 
If you want to join in the vocabulary fun, go to Merriam Dictionary and subscribe to get a word a day to your inbox.
I hope you enjoy the new words you will be learning. And I promise once my vocabulary improves I won’t become an idle braggadocio when talking about it.