With Autumn quickly approaching in the Northern hemisphere on September 22, 2020, bringing with it cooler temperatures and shorter days, it is time to embrace the upcoming season. For me, it is always difficult because I adore summertime. I cringe at the thought of it getting dark earlier and earlier each evening. I loathe the chilly days and freezing nights. I try to fight against what I cannot control by continuing to wear tank tops and flip flops, even if I am cold. 
This year I am changing my mindset. Instead of resisting the inevitable, I will throw on an oversized cozy sweater, open my arms wide, and appreciate what is. Now some of you may be rolling your eyes and wondering, in September of 2020, how can I possibly embrace what is? Well, here is how I’m going about it if you want to join me.
Let’s try taking a look at all the things we appreciate about summer. The long days, warm weather, outdoor activities, flowers blooming, fresh fruits and vegetables galore, and lazy outdoor weekend afternoons. The things that make you happy about summer can be tiny, like sipping a cold beverage in the shade or eating a fresh peach right off the tree. Or perhaps they are a little bigger than that, like picking a vase full of flowers straight from your yard, visiting with a friend while dipping your toes in the cool water of a lake or a pool, or eating your meals outdoors. 
Try making a list of all the things you enjoy about summer. Write down everything that comes to mind, both big and small items. Once you have finished, read the list to yourself and pick out a few of them to do again over the next few days of warm weather. And while you do those items, immerse yourself in the pleasures they bring you. Be thankful for every minute of your experience. 
I will appreciate every moment out in my garden picking vegetables, spending my work hours outdoors writing, sipping a cold glass of Rosé in the pool, listening to the birds chirping in our yard, and going barefoot outside unless flip flops are absolutely necessary. 
Over the next few days, embrace the last moments of this season and prepare for the inevitable Autumn to grace us with its presence.