Are you having trouble sleeping at night? According to the CDC, “One out of every three adults do not get enough sleep.” This can be very disheartening. “Not only can not sleeping be frustrating, but getting a good night’s sleep is vital to maintaining your overall health and mental well-being. Seven or more hours of quality sleep each night recharges your body physically, but can also help flush toxins from your brain and allow your mind to fully rest — which assist in your mental alertness, decision-making, and overall clarity the next day.  And if you’re sick, your brain needs to be in tip-top shape to help you recover.” Cleveland Clinic. “If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping, Here’s What To Do.” 28, May, 2020.
I have done a lot of research on this subject, and I am always looking for natural ways to improve my sleep. The goal is to make your evening as relaxing as possible, by creating a calm ambiance throughout your living space, especially in your bedroom.
Here are a few tips to assist you in improving your sleep: 
* Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
* Plan out your next day before dinner. 
* Drink a hot beverage such as hot tea or water after dinner.
* Turn the lights down in the house after dinner.
* Turn the volume of your television or music you are listening to down during the evening.
* Unplug from all your screened devices at least one hour before going to bed.
* Keep televisions, mobile devices, and computers out of the bedroom. 
* Use an essential oil diffuser in your bedroom. Lavender and chamomile are my favorites.  
* Use a weighted blanket.
* Keep your room cool, between 63 - 68 ℉.
* Use a comfortable pillow.
* Be sure you have a comfortable mattress.
* Take a hot bath or shower before bed.
* Do light stretching, yoga, or meditate before going to bed.
* Read a lighthearted, fun book before going to bed.
* Be sure to make your room as dark as possible when you sleep.
* Use an eye mask when sleeping.
* Use earplugs when sleeping.
If none of these things work, it may be time to talk with your doctor about your sleep issues. You can also try visiting a Naturopathic doctor. I just recently started going to one for my sleep and some other issues. Currently, I am taking some Chinese herbs and doing acupuncture. More to come on this!