How many times have you heard someone telling you what you should be doing or how you should be feeling? Perhaps those words came out of the mouth of your parents, friends, or colleagues. Maybe you feel it when looking at social media? Your internal dialog may go something like this: “If I had a big beautiful house, I would be happy. If I had a trainer, I would be thinner. If I had as many friends as they have, I would enjoy my life more.” 
All this “should” and “if I had” dialog makes you feel like you are not good enough. The more you tell yourself these things, the worse your mood becomes. Your internal negative dialog then starts to control all of you. It controls the way you feel, think, and the way you act. You transform into the exact person your negative dialog tells yourself. 
Let’s say we turn all of that negative dialog into positive dialog. Did you know your brain does not know the difference if your internal communication is telling the truth or not? It reacts, no matter what. So what if you told yourself I am beautiful, healthy, smart, courageous, and successful every single day, multiple times a day? Try to stop yourself every time you start to think something negative and turn it into a positive. Once you begin doing this, after a while, there will not be any negative self-talk, only positive and WHAT A DIFFERENCE that will make in your life. 
We all encounter a great deal of negativity each day. Why continue it in your head?  You deserve to feel beautiful, to be happy, and to live abundantly. But, until you choose to stop your negative chatter, it won’t happen. 
I challenge you this year, 2021, to get out of your negative space, take care of yourself,  and to ONLY create positive internal dialog. You are good enough!