Oh my gosh, how I miss traveling. Remember the days when you could simply plan a vacation, and the act of booking it would get you completely excited and happy? I don't know about you, but I miss it so much that I often look up places to go and daydream about spending time there. I even start to research flights and close my computer because I feel uncomfortable making that type of commitment when the pandemic is still lurking around every corner. 
The inconvenience of needing to take a test 3 days before getting on the flight to your destination and again three days before your returning flight back home is understandable. Still, it can be a bit problematic if you don't get the results back in time.  Not to mention part of the fun of being on a flight is relaxing and having an adult beverage, and currently, they are no longer serving them. Then there is the need to wear masks everywhere and trying to stay six feet apart from others. Add all this up, and personally, it begins to feel stressful and does not seem worth going on the trip. 
I know not everyone agrees with my thoughts and feelings, but I do know some do. So I want to say to those who do, I totally get your desire to travel and your disappointment that it just doesn't feel right yet. 
Yet, is the keyword. We know there will come a time when we are ready, but don't we all wish we knew the exact date so at least we could start dreaming and planning for that day? 
Until then, I will keep feeling grateful for all the traveling I have done and look forward to more. I will continue to longingly look at photos of beautiful places I want to travel to and wish I would be there sooner rather than later. I'll remind myself I am thankful for being healthy, and if this is my only problem, I am doing very very well. 
Bon voyage to you all! We will be off to amazing new places soon, I hope!