Is meditation really that beneficial? You hear people talking about it all the time, but can it make that big of a difference in your life? Yes, it definitely can. 
Meditation brings together the internal and external pieces of our world while connecting our mind's conscious and subconscious layers. According to 
Enhance empathy 
Improves cognition
It is a natural stress stabilizer
Promotes emotional health and well-being
Increases attention by inducing a state of flow
Positive Psychology also mentioned other proven health benefits of daily meditation practice: 
Better fitness levels
More focus
More immunity
Reduction in age-related memory loss
Better prognosis of addiction
Reduction in depression
Helps overcome postpartum blues
Regulates anxiety and mood disorders
Reduces stress
Builds resilience to pain
Helps manage ADHD
Improves sleep
With all these benefits, I believe it is something all of us should practice. Even if you are taking five minutes a day to begin, it can make a large difference in your life. Then you can work up from there to 20 - 30 minutes a day. 
There are many ways to meditate and many different types of meditation. Some people, like myself, enjoy guided meditations. Others prefer to clear their mind in complete silence while using a mantra. Do some research, try a few different meditation types, and pick what feels right to you. 
To get you started, here are a few of my favorite people who will walk you through a guided meditation. You can find them on YouTube or go directly to their websites. 
Regan Hillyer -
Vishen Lakhiani -
Jay Shetty -
Joe Dispenza -
Enjoy all of the benefits of meditation!