It has been over a year now since we have been in some type of COVID quarantine, and I have to say some days I feel like I have run out of things to say and share.
Remember when we all traveled to faraway places, went to the office for work, ran multiple errands on Saturday afternoons, visited friends and family? Then at the end of each day, we would gather around the dinner table with so much to share and talk about. Now my week looks like going to the grocery store, multiple trips to the dog park, and an occasional lunch or dinner out. 
It is only my husband and me at the dinner table, and he works part of his day at home. So our conversations have gotten simpler. I listen intently to his stories about the few hours he is out of the house working. I share my grocery store experience, AGAIN, and we both get quite a kick watching the dogs play.
I miss having many tails to tell from our busy days outside of the house; however, we have managed to find something to talk about and grow closer with each conversation. Sometimes our communication is about shows we have watched on TV, the card game I just kicked his butt in, past vacations we went on, new vacations we want to take, and of course, a lot of the talk revolves around our seven-month-old puppy Jade. When we start entertaining guests again, we will definitely need to learn how to communicate on more exciting topics! 
A few friends have recently asked how I am continuing to write my weekly newsletters and blogs. My answer is, I always feel like I am running out of things to say. I used to be more interesting and do more exciting things. Many times I sit down to write, and I am at a loss for a topic. I stare at the computer screen with no place to start. But then I always get intrigued with something. I start reading and researching different topics. It’s like going down a rabbit hole, but I do end up finding my way out. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes, other times a few hours, but eventually, I find my way out and create a story to tell. Who knew when I began this portion of my career that me and the rest of the world would be quarantined to our homes. 
So tell me, do you feel like you are running out of things to talk about?