Do you enjoy spring cleaning? I enjoy spring cleaning in the outdoors. It is the time of year where things are beginning to green up and bloom. For me, it is exciting to see the sun shining and our property coming back to life. 
Waking in the morning and seeing the sunrise, hearing the birds chirping, rabbits starting to make their way around, and the chickens letting me know they want out of their pen, feels like every living thing is going through a rebirth after the long cold winter, including me. Sipping coffee outside while puttering around the yard is a fantastic way to start the day. 
Then there is mowing, trimming, cleaning the outdoor furniture that had been in storage, and placing it around the yard. The additional chores of opening the pool, preparing to plant the vegetable garden, making a note of new flowers we need to plant in our flowerbeds, all while basking in the warm sun. These are the types of chores I love. 
Trips to the nursery are always a pleasure. It is always fun to peruse the flowers, trees, vegetables, and fruits to add to our landscape. I always seem to get a bit overzealous and buy a few more than needed. It is like a kid in a candy store for those of us who embrace gardening and yard work. In college, one of my many jobs was to mow lawns. It was mindless, relaxing work for me. As kids, we required hours of outdoor chores to complete before we could go out and play. Funny how those experiences turned yard work into something I appreciate. 
After long hours, hard work, and feeling physically tired at the end of a weekend, there is nothing better than relaxing with a cold beverage while appreciating our spring cleaning accomplishments.