I was wishing and waiting for over a year to get out of town and have a little vacation. What a special treat it was to get way to the Napa Valley area. It is one of my favorite places to visit. There are wineries galore smattered about the entire region, as well as fabulous restaurants, shopping, and breweries. 
The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. There is nothing better than to be outdoors tasting new wines and noshing on meals from new restaurants. We experienced the delicious flavors of Indian food on night one and the second night fresh greens, roasted cauliflower, and a whole branzino! My entire being felt renewed with the expansion of fabulous flavors. I felt like this last year; all I did was cook our meals and eat at a small handful of restaurants here in town. I appreciate and enjoy the local establishments, but I was yearning for some new flavors within a different ambiance than the usual, which was given to me in Napa Valley.
We brought our pup Jade with us, and she did really well hanging out on the lawns at the wineries we visited. We also found a great dog park that Jade reveled in every morning we were there. There were also hiking trails all around the dog park. We took advantage of them each day before succumbing to the calling of the wines. 
We visited three wineries during the weekend and two restaurants for dinner. 
All of them were delightful in their own way. All bringing us pure bliss with each sip and each bite. I believe I could stay in the Napa Valley for weeks on end, diving into the local culture and appreciating the hard work and passion the winemakers have for their product. When you get a chance, please visit this area. Napa Valley was hard hit in 2020 with not only the pandemic but also horrible wildfires. Support the community that works so hard to gift us beautiful wines and delicious fresh foods. 
We visited:
Sonoma Regional Park, dog park and hiking trails
Abbots Passage, Winery and Mercantile
VJB Cellars
Imagery Estate Winery
Yeti Restaurant
Glen Ellen Star Restaurant
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