Life seems to have gone from a snail's pace in 2020 to a high-speed race car in the second part of 2021. A year ago, we had nothing on our calendars for the unseen future. Now our calendar is filling up by the minute with both work and pleasure engagements. There are moments that I am relishing in the busy scheduled out days running to meetings, working on Just Salt It content, phone calls, etc. And other moments where I am so busy with lots of details running through my head that I feel stress in my body beginning to build up. It all feels new, it all feels exciting, but that darn stress likes to creep its ugly little head into my body. 
This time I have a  strategic plan for when I begin to feel stressed out. When I feel my stress level rise, I start by closing my eyes and doing some breath work for just a few minutes. I also take breaks throughout my workday. A quick stroll outside, play with the dogs, drink a cup of tea, meditate, listen to a short podcast, whatever it takes to bring me in alignment with my true self. It only takes a few minutes to clear my mind and get me in a better emotional place. 
What do you do when you feel like your stress level is rising? Unfortunately, a lot of people eat and drink their way through it. "A majority of adults (61%) reported experiencing undesired weight changes since the start of the pandemic, with more than 2 in 5 (42%) saying they gained more weight than they intended. Of this group, adults reported gaining an average of 29 pounds (with a typical gain of 15 pounds, which is the median)" - American Psychological Association. These are very high statistics, not to mention the increase in alcohol and tobacco sales during this same period. This information is a clear indication we need to take better care of ourselves and choose healthy coping mechanisms to ensure our longevity. 
As stress ebbs and flows throughout your life, take time to find positive ways of coping. There is so much helpful information on the internet and on Just 
Salt It on self-care, healing, healthy eating, exercise, etc. Start researching and trying new things. Make a list of all the things that help you relax and refer back to it when you feel stress creeping in.