What gratification do you receive from traveling? For some, it may be the experience of traveling itself. Perhaps flying, driving, taking a train, etc., excites you when you have your bags packed, and you are ready to head into new territory. Or for others, it is arriving in a new place and experiencing a new environment.
Unfortunately for me, the actual travel experience does not feel as remarkable as it once did. Since the pandemic, the rules and regulations have changed the experience of flying and other types of public transportation, and they do not feel as enjoyable as before. I miss the hustle and bustle of airports when I could see smiling faces traveling the world. And when I could take my seat, feel comfortable with the closeness of my new neighbor for the next few hours, and have an adult beverage while watching a movie. That is travel enjoyment. But, no matter how I get to my destination when I arrive, I am all in and thrilled to be in a new space. 
I love seeing new landscapes and embracing new experiences. Of course, food and drink are on the top of my list of things to do. Finding new restaurants and trying interesting foods and beverages is exciting and satisfying at the same time. 
Putting our phones away and putting work aside for a few days promotes the feeling of relaxation. When peace and tranquility envelop my mind and body, I know I am somewhere special. 
As I have gotten older, I feel the hotel or house I choose to stay in while traveling is essential. I no longer want to sleep in less than exciting hotels and motels. I want to feel like I am treating myself to something beautiful and unique. This is a part of my experience, and I want it to feel fun, calming, comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. 
What are some places you have traveled to, and what details about the trip were your favorite?