I recently read a line in a blog, “A friendship is its own love story.” I began to think deeper into that line and felt that my relationship with my husband is just that. A deep friendship with a romantic love story to go along with it. We have a mutual agreement about treating each other with respect and supporting each other in every way. We hold hands regularly, give kisses throughout each day, and miss one another when one of us is away. We are at our best when we are together.
It is a true blessing to feel so deeply in love with your best friend and life partner. Our feelings radiate outward to others around us. We have even created a space together, our home, to reflect what we love and appreciate in our lives. It is our personal sanctuary of love. One that we keep close to our hearts and void of drama and negativity. 
If this is something you want in your life, go out and get it. Whether it is improving your current relationship or finding a relationship, it is on you to “Be the relentless force in making your life awesome!”  - Tanya Stitser, Just Salt It. In my opinion, these are words to live by every day. You are the creator of your life. How you choose to think, feel, and propel forward is up to you. Don’t choose stagnation; choose movement, choose growth, choose true love.