I know it is not just me that is worried about their next flight. Flying used to be so fun, and now it has become somewhat stressful. More flights are getting canceled; more people are angry and hostile on flights, the flight attendants are tired of the passengers being rude and ungrateful, masks must be worn to keep everyone healthy, there is no inflight service, etc. 
So how do you make the most of your next flight?
1.  WEAR YOUR MASK. Yes, it may be irritating, but wear it anyway. It is not that hard. Don’t blame the flight staff. They did not make the rules. Plan ahead and find a mask that is the most comfortable for you.

2.  Pack food and water. Bring a large bottle of water and healthy foods to snack on. Your trip may be delayed, the airport may be full of lines, or your flight gets canceled, so you will need water and some food. Pack healthy protein bars. Not the ones that have chocolate, they could melt all over. Bring a bag of unsalted nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. A couple of peeled clementines in a small Tupperware is lovely. The smell and taste of the spritz is refreshing.  

3.  Bring an inflight spa kit. I like natural citrus or lavender wipes to wipe my hands and neck. A hydrating mist is my newest must-have on my flight. A spritz or two on my face feels invigorating and hydrating. I like True Botanicals mist. Lip balm is also essential to keep my lips moisturized. 

4.  Bring a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and antibacterial gel. Gel your hands first and use your bottled water to brush your teeth. I love the feeling of freshly brushed teeth. But, don’t use the airplane bathroom water! The Wall Street Journal tested water in 14 different airplane bathrooms and found a long list of microscopic life. Eww!

5.  Bring lots of magazines to peruse and a fun paperback novel you have not had time to read. I love getting into a book that I just can’t put down.

6.  Dress in layers. Sometimes the plane can be too hot and other times too cold. A hoodie is nice to pull up when you are chilly or when you are not in the mood to chat. An oversized scarf is helpful to use as a blanket or fold up to make a pillow. If you are not wearing socks, bring them. Nothing is worse than your feet being cold.

7.  Headphones are essential to cancel out noise or listen to music or a movie.

8.  Bring a backup charger. You never know when you are on a long flight or the airport is a madhouse, and your phone is about to die, and there is no time to charge it.

9.  Wear your glasses instead of contacts, especially on long flights. Glasses make it much simpler, and you can take away the stress of your eyes getting irritated and dry. You also don’t want to lose a contact while removing it on the bumpy plane ride. 

10.  Bring tissues and cough drops. When the air is dry, it can cause some congestion or your throat to become irritated.
By packing a few extra items to help you relax on your next flight, it will make all the difference in your travels. 

Photo from hdqwalls.com