Is being single on Valentine's Day an issue? For some, it may be, and for others not at all. I have had many Valentine's Day celebrations that have not gone as planned, and also, I have spent many alone. I realized one year that being alone was not so bad and that I could do whatever I wanted to celebrate my love for myself. On Valentine's Day, I once made an appointment with a therapist in the evening after work. I know it sounds a little odd, but it really was a lovely evening all about me. I have to say that was one of the most relaxing and insightful Valentine's days I had as a single person. 
I believe Valentine's Day is a perfect day to celebrate YOU! Here are a few suggestions for making your February 14th an awesome day!
1. The night before, set up your coffee or tea for the morning. So that when you get out of bed, it is simple to prepare and enjoy. 

2. If you are heading out to work, pack yourself a special lunch. You can prepare it the night before. Make it a delicious lunch and arrange it, so it looks pretty. It feels nice to have a lovely lunch, even if you're eating at your desk. 

3. Take a little break from your day and go for a short walk. Soak up some vitamin D. Be sure to turn your phone off for those few minutes to let your mind and body relax and recharge. 

4. Buy yourself some flowers. We often forget to buy flowers for ourselves even if we love them. A vase of flowers in your home can be uplifting and special.

5. Get a good workout in. Whether at home, outside, or in a gym, push yourself a little harder than usual and embrace the feeling of accomplishment and strength you have when you finish. 

6. Pour yourself a mocktail, champagne, wine, or a cocktail. Put it in a beautiful glass and add a nice garnish, whatever makes you feel good. 

7. Spoil yourself with some delicious food. Pick up dinner at your favorite restaurant or make a recipe you have always wanted to make. There are plenty of ideas on the Just Salt It Food and Drink Page. 

8. Turn on your favorite music while you are cooking and eating. Have a little dance party on your own. 

9. End your evening by writing yourself a love note. One that expresses how badass you truly are!