I don’t know about you, but I love being outdoors. In the spring and summer, I am outdoors as much as possible. Not only do I garden in the yard, but I will take my laptop outside and work, eat my meals outside, exercise outside, and even take a nap outside. Well, the nap is actually outside in the pool on a floaty. Best nap space ever!

There is something about being outdoors that makes me feel better, both physically and mentally. I get cooped up in the winter when it is too cold to work outside and too cold to exercise outside. I used to love running outside when it was lightly snowing, but over the years, I just don’t enjoy that any more. Skiing is fun, but I have to admit I'm a fair weather skier. 

I find when I stay inside for too many hours too many days in a row my frame of mind tips to the dark side. Because I do most of my work from home, I often lose track of time in the winter and realize I have not left the house all day. This is not always a good thing for me. When I was in the corporate world, I would spend 90% of my day indoors. Some days I would spend an entire 8 hours a day in back to back meetings. This would suck the life out of me. 

Since then, I schedule myself to get outside. No matter what the season, I make sure I get outside for at least an hour. That's not a problem when it's warm, but if it is cold, that is a long time. When it's really cold I go out in small increments throughout the day. If I run errands, I will walk from one building to another when possible. I sit outside in some sun for lunch. I run outside for 2 minutes then back in and do weights for 10 minutes, then back out to run for 2 minutes and so on. Sometimes I even schedule myself to go out and pick up horse poop. I know that sounds funny, but it needs to be done because we have horses and it gets me moving around outside. I also schedule a walk or small hike. Those who are around me know I walk fast, but in the winter, I am almost at a jog when I am outside.  

No matter how long or short a period I am outside, I always feel better. It's the fresh air that clears my head. It is the smells of flowers, rain, green grass whatever that wakes me up. It is the physical movement that gets my head in the right space. 

If you have not gotten outside today, go do it. Get out and refresh and recharge. Do it every day, and I'm certain you will feel better and get your head focused on the things you need to do. 

If you relate to some of this and are interested in learning more on this subject, please send me a response. I would love to hear your stories, thoughts, or questions on the topic.