Let’s look at our everyday problems. At what point do we realize the problem needs solving? Is it when the situation gets out of hand? Is it when the situation is in its infancy stage? Or are we always looking for potential problems and figuring them out before they become an issue? 
Some of us are always looking ahead, being proactive, and stopping problems before they happen. Others may be a bit more of a procrastinator and wait until the problem has gotten out of control before they make a move. 
Does your day-to-day life feel like a constant rollercoaster? Is your day up and down, turning corners, and you feel completely out of control? If so, you are probably missing the signs of potential issues or ignoring problems that have already manifested. So how do you get out of this frustrating cycle? 
First, start looking at life with a new lens. Perhaps you are missing details that are clear signs of problems to come, or you are choosing to ignore them altogether. Each day, take a moment to reflect on possible issues that are just beginning to smolder and solve them before they ignite. Second, take a good look at the big problems that need to be solved in order to move forward. Lastly, look at the minor issues and decide if they will resolve themselves, or do you need to step in and solve them? 
We all have problems, both big and small. But, being proactive can make life much smoother. Putting out a little energy initially will pay off later with less hassle and less frustration.