When was the last time you gave yourself time to zone out? I mean no music, no phone, no topic to focus on but just to lose yourself and let your mind wander.
Zoning out for a few minutes is relaxing and can be rejuvenating. I find that those few minutes can bring about great ideas. If I am working through a problem or working on a project and feel stuck, I give myself 3 - 5 minutes to stare at the landscape. This time allows for clarification of what I am working on and new solutions for the problems.
Always being ‘on’ throughout your day can be exhausting. Your productivity will diminish. A few minutes of allowing your mind to wander can increase your productivity. “When we mentally drift to a new topic, our brains continue sorting out the tough challenge in the background.” - Josh Davis, Harvard Business Review
Every time you feel stressed out, or you can’t come up with an answer or solution, or your brain feels drained, take a few minutes and look outside. Give your brain a break. Put your phone down, let your brain zone out, and then return to the work at hand. Those few minutes of staring out the window or sitting outdoors without interruptions from your device can get your creative juices flowing—much more than scrolling through your phone.