This topic may have scared some people off as soon as they read the title. Sitting in silence is so foreign to most of us that we don’t even want to go there. It could be scary, or sad, or just the unknown uncomfortableness of it is too much to handle. 

In a meeting I had the other day the meeting organizer asked us all to put our phones away, not to pick up our water or coffee and to sit in silence for one minute before we started the meeting. All of us looked confused, and some even looked frustrated. The minute felt like forever, and I was so uncomfortable I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs and running my hands through my hair. I didn’t know what to do with myself. 

Now, what if I ask you to sit in silence for 1 minute? You can set your alarm, then don’t look at it. Just relax, don’t pick anything up, read anything, fidget around or listen to music, nothing, just sit. It feels odd, doesn’t it? Like me, you probably felt uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do with your hands and feet. 

When you take this minute you realize how badly you want to move around in your chair, or grab a drink of water or cross and uncross your legs. You try to find anything to do so that the silence is broken up in some way. 

If you are struggling with something big or small, this will help you to tackle the problem in a healthy way. If you are anything like me, you would have automatically said I don’t have time for this. But I can now beg to differ. You do have one minute to embrace silence and let your mind be at ease. 

Some of us have a habit of reacting right away, but possibly too quickly. Others don’t react at all and push it out of their minds. But, if you could sit with it for one minute and calm your breathing, it will also calm your mind. Tackling a problem with a calm mind makes everything a little bit better for both you and others around you. 

I challenge you to start with one minute of silence daily and slowly increase it up to 5 minutes. It is truly amazing how this time of silence can completely change your mindset toward your day.