Do you ever add taking a quiet moment as part of your self-care routine? There are healing powers in taking a few minutes to yourself in complete solitude. 
I crave peace. I think it is due to my past spending many years in corporate work settings and, at the same time, my personal life was highly toxic. Since I have chosen to remove myself from those pieces of my past, I find inner peace a blessing.
You become present with the here and now by allowing yourself a quiet moment. My favorite place to engage in solitude is in nature. I listen to the birds, look at the cloud formations, and notice the flowers and trees changing colors with each new season. 
Being fully present in the moment without talking or judging, you can become fully connected to being mindful and acknowledging our senses and appreciation for being alive. 
To engage in your silence and perhaps experience the breeze and sun hugging you with great love is a feeling of full-body relaxation. This is the magic of your quiet moment.