Are you unapologetically YOU? I believe there is empowerment in living our lives consistent with who we are. 
Are you passionate about something? Are you embracing that passion and exploring it deeper each day? Looking at the world with fresh eyes can make a big difference. At times I notice myself being jaded. I then try to remind myself to see things through others' eyes. And to find the amazement of life all around me. 
Finding adventure brings you into the present. It allows you to find joy, clarity, self-love, and beauty. Adventure doesn't have to be hiking Mt. Everest. It can be as simple as taking a walk out in nature. Adventure is about living your life fully on your terms.
Why, as we age, is there a stigma, especially for women, that we should not have wrinkles, that we should not talk about menopause, and that we should not show our true selves? What happened to the thought that aging is beautiful? The wrinkles are a sign of aging and tell the stories of a life fully lived. My hands have scars from burns while cooking that in it itself shows details of who I am. The elevens between my eyebrows show that I use facial expressions a lot. I do not have a poker face, and by looking at me, you can most likely tell if I am thinking seriously about something, if I am angry, or if I am happy. The wrinkles are all there to reveal who I am. 
Become empowered as you proceed through each generation. Be a badass, look into the future with fresh eyes, and never ever apologize for living life and being yourself.