The holidays are right around the corner. Dinner party invitations will be rampant. As we take our seats around the table, sometimes there is an awkward silence. Perhaps you are sitting with someone you do not know, or the family table is full of many different conversations at once. As the host/hostess of the gathering, coming up with some interesting questions for the table makes for fun conversations for the group. When everyone has the chance to contribute, laugh, and share different things, the party becomes a joyous occasion for everyone. 
Here are some fun questions I recently came up with for our upcoming dinner parties. 
Explain a fear that you have. 
What was your “unicorn” this week? 
Name a thing that fills you with joy and why.
Who in the world is most like you?
What have you been doing lately to have fun?
Share something about your name.
What is something you got in trouble for when you were a kid, and now it is funny?
I hope you enjoy your holiday dinner parties and they are a success!