Our New Year's Eve began with a snowstorm and a lovely lunch with oysters and champagne. The fun quickly ended when we returned home, and our power went out. A power outage in our neighborhood means no electricity and no water! That is the pain of having a well on the property. 
As the snow continued to fall, the house got colder and colder. I tried to stay reasonably sane while we endured the elements for two frigid days at home. The morning of the third day, I could not take it anymore and also could use a shower. Honestly, I was tipping to the dark side and being very unpleasant to be around. We booked a hotel room up the street and were thankful for hot showers and a furnace running. I even took advantage of the tiny kitchenette in the room and made paella for dinner, the one I had planned to make on New Year's Eve. I wondered how many people made paella in this tiny kitchen. Probably none. I am a bit out of the ordinary. Lol
The night in the hotel room was warm but full of loud adults, noisy children, and barking dogs. We were just one of the ones staying there that had no power. The next day, we checked out and prayed that our power would be on when we got home, but no such luck. 
We began to worry about the lack of water for our horses. We had concerns that with such cold temperatures, our pipes could burst. We borrowed a generator to run our two furnaces and finally got a bit of heat in the house. I spent the afternoon shoveling snow to warm my body. 
Later that evening, the power turned on, and we were back to normal with electricity and water. The pipes were all fine, and our horses were happy to get a big drink of water. Thankful would be an understatement of how I felt that evening. 
The New Year started poorly for us. However, I know it could have been much worse. The freezing temperatures outside and inside our house made for unpleasant days and nights. I kept thinking about all the homeless people in our town and could not imagine what they must endure during the winter months. The cold definitely takes its toll on your mind and body. 
The snow is still thick on the ground, and it continues to fall this afternoon. I feel uneasy, hoping the power will not go out again. And have to experience ice-cold temperatures again this week.
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