I realized recently that I never really celebrate my wins. Part of it is my type A personality, and the other part is I often focus more on what I have done wrong rather than what I have done right. In a nutshell, I am my own worst critic. 
Let me give you an example of what goes on in my head, and perhaps you might resonate with my thoughts and actions of the past. At one time, I was working on a big project that I had to do a lot of research, writing, and developing to get it to its final stage. It took months to complete. I was all in every day, full focus with structured hours of hard work. Once I was finished with the project, I was so happy. I received a lot of accolades, which I received with humble gratitude. But, immediately I started thinking about things I could have done to make it better and a few minor mistakes I had made. I would go round and round in my head, second-guessing my work. I would then move on to another project that needed my attention. The time spent feeling good about all of my hard work was 10 minutes, maximum. Then I would go into a negative headspace and bury myself back into work. 
After taking some time to really think about my actions, I realized I needed to change my way of thinking. I needed to start thinking in the opposite way as I had in the past. Becoming conscious of my negative thoughts was the first step in changing. Next, I started working on taking an actual chunk of time to really celebrate my wins. To do that I first had to come up with some ideas on how I wanted to celebrate. I came up with a list of small win celebrations and big win celebrations, and I kept this list in a notebook. Some of my small win celebration ideas were stopping work 30 minutes early to read a fun book, go to coffee with a friend, or taking a long hot bath. Some of my big win celebrations were getting a manicure, enjoying a lovely bottle of wine, or going out to a nice dinner. I also added a weekend away to the list to have additional time to embrace the win. Of course, many of these celebrations also included my husband because I absolutely love spending time with him.  
I challenge you to spend some time thinking about if you celebrate your wins during the year. Make a list of things that you would enjoy doing to celebrate both small wins and big wins. Keep this list and use it the next time you have completed a project or a milestone. You deserve to celebrate the goals you have met. Celebrating victories gives you motivation and clarity towards your next goal. 
I would enjoy hearing some of your wins and how you celebrated your successes. Feel free to send me a note on the message page so that I can help celebrate your victories with you.