Back to school often means back to the kitchen. When was the last time you had a dinner party? Entertaining outside and taking advantage of the warm days and cooler evenings before it turns into a cold tundra is a must! If the idea of throwing a dinner party sounds daunting, sign up for a Just Salt It newsletter, and you will receive an email with the Things I Always Do When Preparing For a Dinner Party. It is worth its price in gold and lists out step by step how to make your dinner party not only fun for your guests but, fun for you as well. If you are already a Gold Member, then scroll back through your emails, find the list, reread it, and put it to good use. Getting back into the kitchen can be really fun.
Savor your time in the kitchen and also, embrace the journey of cooking. Providing beautiful meals for yourself and others can be very rewarding. If you work all day in a job where you do not get to use your creativity, cooking can be your outlet. There was nothing better than when I was in the corporate world working 8-10+ hours a day and would come home and let my creativity flow in the kitchen. It was relaxing and, best of all, delicious!
Stocking your pantry is helpful during this busy back to school season. There is a blog, Simple Steps to Stock Your Kitchen on the Our Home page. Being fully stocked in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer save you a ton of time in the kitchen. It makes it more enjoyable and relaxing when you have everything you need at your fingertips. 
Planning your meals for the week and shopping with a detailed list of items you need also saves you from frustration during the week. Try looking for new recipes that you have not tried before. A lot of people cook the same meals each week. This makes it boring to cook and boring to eat. Have fun and get out of your box. You might be surprised that getting back in the kitchen can be fun!
If school lunches become an issue, teach your kids how to make their own. I started my kids making their lunches in kindergarten. Of course, at first they need some help, but you will be surprised how fast they catch on. If you worry they are only going to put unhealthy items in their lunch, there is an easy way to change that. Don’t buy unhealthy foods for your home. If you provide nothing but healthy food, guess what! That is all they have to put in their lunch. Don’t forget to teach them how to clean up their lunch-making mess. Trust me; they will catch on to this task just as quickly as lunch making. 
Think of your kitchen as your creative hub. Let your juices flow and create a meal worth talking about. The food we put into our body is our fuel to make our engines roar. Use the space you have to discover new flavors, design fresh meals, and construct a healthy lifestyle for yourself and those you love.