How often are you unplugging from your phone, television, social media, email, podcasts, etc.? Do you take time each day to be mindful and fully present in what you are doing or with those around you? If you are like most people, you are not. According to, "American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media, according to a new study by market-research group Nielsen. That's up from nine hours, 32 minutes just four years ago."
Think about how many times a day you say out loud or to yourself that you don't have time to do "X." If you think about it, is that actually the case? Or are you wasting time on the internet/television? For example, let's say you want to learn how to speak Spanish. You look at your current commitments such as the time you need to work, take care of kids, take care of the house, run errands, and multiple other things. Then you decide to tell yourself you wish you could take a Spanish class, but you don't have time. Now, what if you went through the next three days writing down everything you do throughout the day and how long it took. That means EVERYTHING you do. I bet you waste more time doing unimportant things than you realize. In fact, we all do. More than likely, you could find two hours a week to work on learning Spanish if you wanted to.
What about your relationships? Are you spending ample time nourishing the relationships with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, and other close family and friends? If those connections are starting to slip and you are telling yourself you are too tired and don't have time, you may want to look more closely at that. What if you spent at least one hour every day being fully present for your spouse, friend or family, and another hour for your children? I'm confident that you could make your relationships much stronger. 
My point here is that we waste countless hours vegging out in front of a screen and complain we don't have time for things that we want or need to do. Or we are posting on social media so often that we miss the moment that we are photographing. What happened to being in the moment and appreciating it for its importance, then sharing it later? Why are we stopping something beautiful at the time it is happening just for others to see while you miss it? Sometimes I wonder what happened to enjoying good old fashioned face to face conversations? 
I challenge you for at least one full day to write down everything you do and how long it takes. Don't change your regular routine. This is supposed to shine some light on some areas you could improve on. Once you write it all down, look back at your day and figure out where you are wasting time. Take that time and do something meaningful with it. Pick something that you have wanted to do or something that you have been putting off by giving your full attention to it.