At some point or another, everyone struggles with their fitness goals. That is me right now. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I am currently training for a half marathon that I will be running in about a month. Even though I have run full marathons and ultra-marathons in the past, I am struggling with motivating myself to run long distances.
Of course, if you know me, I am still training, and I have trained up to 10 miles, but I am just not feeling the excitement from it that I used to feel. I decided to shake up my training this time by running twice a week, one short and one long run. I also do three days of 20 - 30 minute HIIT workouts, one arms and abs weight training day, and one day of rest. This is not the average training for a race schedule. It usually has a few more days of running than I am doing. But guess what? I am still not embracing the running. 
I decided that I need to figure out how to change my mindset and embrace running again. After all, don’t I always preach having a positive mindset? After giving it some thought here is what I am going to do. First, every time I have a negative view about running, I am going to smack that thought right in the ass and think positive. Next, I am going to do a ten plus mile run and then celebrate by buying a new pair of running shorts or a running top. I might even add in a good pair of socks. You can never have too many pairs of running socks. A little celebrating present for myself is a good thing and helps keep you motivated for the next goal. Lastly, I recently downloaded Spotify (yes, I know I am a bit behind the times) and I am going to load some fun running music to listen to. I was trying to do runs without any podcasts or music, but clearly, that is not motivating me to run. With some upbeat fun music, I might be throwing my hands up in the air and doing a little booty shaking while I am running along. Hahaha
This week, while the weather is still warm, I am also going to take advantage of our swimming pool and get the kickboard out and do some laps. A low-intensity leg workout will not only be good for me physically but mentally as well. The fall weather is creeping up on us (boo!) so it is either now or next spring to train in the pool.  
Have you ever thought about the possibility that obstacles in your life are a good thing? Whether it be in your personal life, work-life, or even when you make physical goals? Just think about this for a minute. Let’s go back to my running. I chose to sign up for a half marathon to celebrate the month I will be turning 50! Once I committed and signed up, I put a lot of obstacles in front of me. I have to follow a training schedule, I need to focus on my nutritional needs, I need to make sure I am getting enough rest, and I need to thoroughly stretch before and after my runs. These are all obstacles that I need to conquer. Obstacles are valuable. They can motivate you and move you towards a positive outcome. Stop looking at obstacles as a negative and instead look at them as an opportunity to succeed. 
Since I know I am not the only one with workout struggles; please share yours. Tell me how you conquer your obstacles when you have a physical goal in front of you.
P.S. After I wrote this, I ran 10.2 miles the next day, I listened to the Spotify playlist Lactic Acid Run 175 BPM, but I have not yet celebrated by buying a little present for myself. I will do that this week. As you can see in the photo, I did take advantage of our pool and used the kickboard. Ironically, two days later it snowed, so our swimming pool season has officially ended.